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silver screen [22 Nov 2007|01:08am]

i'm thinking i might come back here, though i'd have to tell people it exists. 

my head's a bit achey. it might be from studying for my sci-fi test tomorrow. then again, it might not, as i haven't been studying. i've gotten a lot out of that class, though. we watched what seems like more bad/cheesy films than good (robocop, for god's sake), but the teacher always does a good job of talking about how the ideas and context for each one makes it worth seeing and thinking about (but i'll admit that, despite his enlightening words, i tuned myself out for most of bloody robocop). i think i will start using this page again, and i can talk about that class, because a lot of the things we saw/read/discussed were pretty interesting. 
it would be a lot of fun to teach a film class. though it would have to have a very different set of students than the one in mine, because they remind me a bit of tree stumps or coma patients. that might be a little harsh, but you have to understand- I'M ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO RAISES THEIR HAND THE MOST. and 'most' doesn't even mean that often. imagine. the theory that has squeezed itself out of my headache is that they're all robots, and i'm actually part of a sci-fi movie that may be relatively good (if a) Verhoeven doesn't get his hands on it and b) i end up getting to partake in scenes of mindless violence wearing a provocative bodysuit).

i'd best be off, before my skull collapses in on itself. i'll be back another time with shmarter and more shubstantial shtuff. and possibly readers.

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high points of cold war book [03 Nov 2007|09:47pm]
 Because the Prague KGB station could not locate a copy of Raul's official schedule, Leonov had to wait. He sat on the curb of the road and passed the time by eating cherries from a large bag, eventually building an archipelago of pits across the pavement.

Everything seemed to have gone wrong. Burke, whose ships were off the coast of Cuba watching the disaster unfold, stayed quiet. Occasionally his self-control did break down and he would interject "Balls!" to remind everyone that he was seething with anger.

"How do you know this is a medium-range ballistic missile?"
"The length, sir," Lundahl explained.
"The what? The length?"
"The length of it. Yes."

Life would never be the same for the man once nicknamed "iron" by his friends in Soviet intelligence. Bolshakov found bureaucratic exile awaiting him in Moscow. Surrounded by other burned-out intelligence cases from the GRU, he slipped into a new career of vodka, shapely secretaries, and official neglect.

Castro said that frankly he "was afraid of Russian hospitality, especially because of his digestive problems." no chicken Kiev and vodka for him, please.

Admiring the vodka, he called out to his secretary, "Conchita, get some biscuits!"

Dismissing Alekseev's explanation that by extending the lighted tip, the papirosi (soviet cigarette) protected beards from catching fire, Castro shoved a Cuban cigar in his face: "Here, this is what Churchill smoked!"
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small findings [10 Aug 2007|12:12am]

Frommers site has a Best Of
interesting ones: Castles, Natural Attractions, Ancient Ireland, Ruins

to give an idea: counties mentioned in Nat Attractions: Laois, Kerry, Clare (twice), Mayo, Galway, Donegal, Antrim 
                                                                      Castles: Meath, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Cork (twice), Clare, Donegal, Antrim (twice)

map: http://www.frommers.com/images/destinations/maps/jpg-2006/226_ireland.jpg
most things seem to be in the bottom half, though that's still big. and then there's Antrim in Northern Ireland that keeps coming up.

iffy: If your ideal Ireland involves wandering through the countryside, visiting small villages, climbing castle walls, hailing history from a ruined abbey, or finding yourself alone on a rocky beach -- you simply cannot do those things without a car. Out of the main towns, public transportation exists, but it's slow and limiting. Every major town has car rental agencies, so give strong consideration to renting a car.

the rest of the short advice from that slightly damper-putting article is here http://www.frommers.com/destinations/ireland/0226010007.html
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[10 Aug 2007|12:08am]
Republic of Ireland
  1. Dublin
  2. Wicklow
  3. Wexford
  4. Carlow
  5. Kildare
  6. Meath
  7. Louth
  8. Monaghan
  9. Cavan
  10. Longford
  11. Westmeath
  12. Offaly 2
  13. Laois 2
  14. Kilkenny
  15. Waterford
  16. Cork
  1. Kerry
  2. Limerick
  3. Tipperary
  4. Clare
  5. Galway
  6. Mayo
  7. Roscommon
  8. Sligo
  9. Leitrim
  10. Donegal

Northern Ireland

  1. Fermanagh
  2. Tyrone
  3. Londonderry 1
  4. Antrim
  5. Down
  6. Armagh

32 counties
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because Word isn't working (ignore this if you aren't Jessie) [09 Aug 2007|11:11pm]
[below info from lonelyplanet]
1) Connemara
The wild and barren region northwest of Galway City is known as Connemara. It's a stunning patchwork of bogs, lonely valleys, mountains and lakes, with only the odd remote cottage or castle hideaway for company. The hills offer views of the sea from its rocky islands to its sparkling white beaches. The coast road from the settlement of Spiddal meanders through the maze, but more unforgettable still is the journey through the Lough Inagh Valley and around Kylemore Lake - it would be hard to surpass the misty beauty of this mountainous landscape.

2) Cork
The Irish Republic's second largest city is a surprisingly appealing place - you'll find time passes effortlessly during the day, and by night the pub scene is lively. The town centre is uniquely situated on an island between two channels of the Lee River.
Nearby: Blarney Castle

3) Derry
The historic city of Derry is the only walled city in Ireland whose ramparts have survived intact. The River Foyle curves picturesquely around the old walled town, creating a cosy setting that jars with the reality of this city's troubled history. A walk around its old walls is one of the highlights of a visit to Northern Ireland. From the top of the walls there are good views of the Bogside area and its defiant murals ('No Surrender!') and the Free Derry monument. Derry has lots of fascinating history to absorb, including St Columb's Cathedral dating from 1628. The city also has a well-founded reputation for musical excellence, from traditional to cutting-edge contemporary.

4) Dublin

5) Galway
Lined by stone shopfronts, Galway's (Gaillimh) narrow cobblestone streets fill with a frenzy of street performers who enchant passers by. The administrative capital of County Galway, the city is also a departure point for the wild, windswept Aran Islands. With more restaurants per capita than any other Irish city and a smorgasbord of festivals including the October Jazz Festival, the Easter Festival of Literature and the Galway Arts Festival in July, even the near-constant rain fails to dampen the city's spirits.

6) The Burren
In northern County Clare, the Burren region is an extraordinary place. Miles of polished limestone karst stretch in every direction, and settlements along the coast are few; they include the popular Irish music centre of Doolin and the attractive coastal village of Ballyvaughan.The Burren Underground caverns, cracks, springs and chasms are the major features of the Burren, which is ringed by caves. Its Flora is a bizarre mix of Mediterranean, Arctic and Alpine plants, and the region is the last bastion of the rare pine marten. It also has a rich Stone and Iron Age history
Famous: Cliffs of Moher

7) Waterford
Waterford has a decidedly medieval feel, with city walls, narrow alleyways and a Norman tower. Georgian times also left a legacy of fine buildings, in particular those on the Mall, a spacious 18th-century street. Important buildings include the City Hall and the Bishop's Palace.The city's many churches are also noteworthy, especially the sumptuous interior of Holy Trinity Cathedral. Waterford is first and foremost a busy commercial port city, situated on the River Suir, whose estuary is deep enough to allow large ships to berth at the city's quays.

Northern I: Antrim > Famous: Giant's Causeway (Northern Ireland's main tourist attraction, the hexagonal basalt columns, (all 38,000 of them including the ones underwater) are amazingly uniform. A recommended walk is from the Giant's Causeway 16km (10mi) east along the coast (not the highway), past Dunseverick Castle to the beach at Whitepark Bay)

Kilkenny (above waterford) > Kilkenny Castle

County Kerry (left of cork, completely southwest) > Killarney National Park
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not for resale [15 Apr 2007|01:35am]
am i back here? i'm really back here. i'm drawing a blank. two blanks. three blanks. performance anxiety. no, more like suckiness certainty. don't hurt me!

today i drew a dinosaur wearing a bib. also, the snowmen alison and i made thursday night got plowed over friday morning. at least we've got pictures. it's just so gruesome to see pieces of head, torso, and base strewn across my lawn and in the street. it's like quentin tarantino's idea of a winter wonderland.

phew, okay. i need to rest now. whoever and his anonymous alter ego nobody had better be satSIXfied, if you know what i don't mean.
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dr bacon fat [12 Dec 2006|11:08pm]


http://harrypotter.wbshop.com/cat/Harry-Potter/Clothing-and-Accessories/Shirts/Harry-Potter-SPEW-Womens-T-Shirt.html (the sweatshirt is pretty expensive)

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saying 'i was bored' is NOT a cop-out [24 Sep 2006|10:23pm]
Self-Indulgent, Shallow Guy-Mania!
1)      Ethan Hawke. You know, ‘carpe diem’ and ‘let’s wander around Vienna all night’ and such.
2)      This is in no particular order, by the way.
3)      Jamie Oliver. Sexiest cook alive.
4)      Johnny Depp; the ultimate cliché.
5)      RON HOWARD! Young version of course. Now he’s all “I hide my baldness with a baseball cap and make movies. Feast your eyes upon my daughter.”
6)      Zach Braff. Be my doctorrrrrrrrrrrr.
7)      Michael Palin a few decades ago, in all his Pythonic glory.
8)      Heath Ledger. I thought I’d be sick of him by now like I am with stupid Orlando Bloom, but the ridiculously huge close-up I have of him still hangs on my wall. And I drooleth over it.
9)      Gary Oldman and he’s not an old man!
10) Would it be wrong to say…the kid from Narnia…the older one…HE’S OUR AGE!!! DON’T JUDGE MEEEEEEEE
11) Colin Firth, even though he’th not firth on my litht. Hhaa..ggaa..haa..
12) Anthony Michael Hall but NOT HIS RECENT SELF because he looks like a tree trunk with eyes.
13) River Phoenix, though we all know what happened to him :(
14) Eddie Izzard. I know what you’re thinking. Go think it somewhere else.
15) MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And tout le monde knows he’s touched me already HUZZAH!
16) Aragorn. We would tie Legolas up by his hair and then run away together.
17) Cary Elwes. I would unlock my chastity belt for him.
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Testing... [16 Aug 2004|08:16pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Trying this out. Ooo, I can pick a mood!

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